Tolomato Cemetery Preservation Association
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The Cemetery has unique challenges.  Lack of funds  left it untended for decades, except for basic maintenance, and there are many problems, such as moisture in the chapel, rusted and damaged iron work and broken tombstones, to name a few.

We have reopened it to visitors and it has taken its place in the life of St Augustine once again as the beautiful and historic place that it is.  But there is much to do.

Many of the markers and monuments are extremely deteriorated, and vegetation and roots have pushed the stones apart and sometimes shifted them from their pedestals.

The sagging barbed wire and chain link fence surrounding the property certainly does not enhance the site and does not even provide security because of its poor condition.

There is water damage in the chapel and the coquina walls are suffering from a leak in the roof which has let water seep over them for years.

The iron work is damaged and in some cases has been stolen or completely destroyed.

We have frequent preservation days and workshops coordinated by specialists, and if you are interested in participating, please send us an e-mail at

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